Crazy season has hit and my calendar has no empty spaces until JUNE, I have many new things to share so stay on the lookout.

Let the Experimenting Begin/

Hello…yes it is I, the inconsistent blogger.  Hahaha, I know its been months since I have sat down and posted something new.  My blog is kind of like my personal journal, you will find them both with huge gaps in them.  Spurts of activity with dry seasons in between.  I am currently involved in another

My Love and Friendship Garden

I have been working in my garden quite a bit this spring, it has  been my happy place at least until the weather started getting hot again.  It dawned on me that my garden is a beautiful  representation of the love, family, and friendships I hold dear to me. I know that may sound a

Spit Shake and a Smile

Birthdays tend to be a special occasion around here. When I say special I don’t necessarily mean a full blown, highly priced event, but rather a day where the person (or child ) being celebrated feels important and loved. As a tradition, this usually includes a homemade birthday breakfast (favorite breakfast foods and DOUGHNUTS), balloons, flowers,

Small stall …refuse to quit (old Post)

Hi!  I know its been a while since my last post….REAL post.   I have had a small setback in my journey toward thinness.  I have been successfully maintaining, exercising…but over the course of the last couple months I have put 6 pounds back on…While to some 6 pounds may not seem like a big

Doggie Dry Shampoo Day

I am going to venture slightly away from my normal topics to bring you a “pet friendly” post.  We have a beautiful mixed “mutt” named Molly. Molly is pretty low key and loves to hang out in my bedroom.  Now first let me say she is sweet and very well behaved, but I have an

A Stranger at the Y

This is post is different than I normally would write, but with so many negative things happening  in our nation as of late I thought a random act of kindness would be worth writing about.   My family and I love to participate in the activities at our local YMCA. Well anyway my youngest son

A Thanksgiving Post

Hi, I’m back.  I know that I have been a bit slack in keeping you updated, but life is always happening in this household.  Tonight my heart is so full of the things I have to be thankful for: my amazing family, wonderful friends, stress free jobs, health….my list goes on and on.  I choose

Homemade Pumpkin Ice Cream (Healthy version)

  Once in a while a true inspiration hits!!  Today was that day…an EPIC SUCCESS!!  I love pumpkin season and today everything was saying …make something pumpkiny.  Now I am faithfully following a healthy eating plan and this fits into the healthy category and it is sugar free and DELICIOUS!!!  Several people have requested this

New Territory

Happy to Report I am BETTER!!! God is awesome!!! I know I can trust him. I feel energized enough and motivated enough to start another round of hHCG! Goal is to reach the 200 mark or under during this next 30-40 day round. Hit P3 mid Oct to Nov 1 and maintain weight until the


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