Friends: Soothing Aloe Gel on a Sunburn



Have you ever had a sunburn, you know on of those that keeps you up all night, blisters and peels.  Yes me too!!!  I am so thankful to have avoided one of those so far this year. That being said, Do you know how wonderful a cooling aloe gel feels on that burn?  Sometimes is shockingly chilly, but super soothing (to me anyway) and the aloe also heals the burn.  I have been thinking how much the friends placed in our path are like that gel.  We  all have places that are burned, hurt, and uncomfortable and that dear friend/ friends come in with just the right word, smile, moment of silliness, or RAOK (random act of kindness) and it soothes that place ….sometimes the word may be a little uncomfortable if it is a word of truth or course correction (remember the shocking cold of aloe on burn), but then it becomes an element of  healing.  I am super thankful to be the recipient of a few of these dear people and it is my heart to be a soothing gel to the lovely people in my life.

In this crazy world full of the garbage of media influence, politics, and racism people tend to forget “who they really are”, getting caught up in the injustices of life.  As your friend let me tell you who you are…You are beautiful! You are kind! You are a light! You are loved and cherished!  You are strong! You are LOVE ! YOU ARE MY FRIEND!

Just some random thoughts on a typical Tuesday night.  .

A good friend is like cooling aloe gel on a sunburn 🙂 …MaryBeth 2016


Light, Life and Love




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Home of Soap

What a weekend! A whirlwind of a weekend and it is not over yet. For the last two days I have been hanging out with my Young Living team members at the “Spring has Sprung” craft show in town.  We were there letting people smell essential oils, meeting new friends, seeing old  and well lets just face it…spending money!  My weakness this weekend was soap.  I met the sweetest lady who makes the most delicious smelling  soap, fizzy bath bombs, and bodyhomeofsoap butter, not to mention all natural, healthy, and pretty!  (I apologize for the poor quality photo taken on my phone…in “low battery mode hahah)  I came away with several yummy and colorful bars, we shall be the cleanest household on the block.

Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Butter,  Hemp oil and Sandlewood, Pink Grapefruit, Fresh Lilac, Green Citrus Splash and Honeysuckle soap are just a few I came away with this weekend.  The body butter shall even be my evening carrier oil with a drop of frankincense or lavender for a sweet sleep.  The bonus was my “Facial Acne” Bar  I am going to give this a test run.  I deal with red irritated looking skin on my face, probably hormone related, but nonetheless unattractive.  The facial bar has several soothing and healing ingredients such as oatmeal, Black Cumin Tea, Barberry, Lavender, Evening Primrose, Burdock, Lemongrass, Comfrey, Calendula, Bentonite  and Essential oils. I may even get brave enough to do a before and after shot…I’ll let you know hahaha.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I am headed up to my “spa” (aka shower) to pamper myself with one of this delectable soaps.

Life, Light and Love


PS Many of these soaps contain Goats milk, know to help balance your skins PH, also an anti inflamatory and more…Google it 🙂



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Bunnies, Duckies, and a Fish?

Anyone who hangs around me long enough know that the kitchen is my happy place. Now I am not talking about the everyday ordinary cooking, while it is not horrible  it is just a necessity. I am talking about the baking – experimenting moments that occur randomly.  For me it was a new sugar cookie recipe.  I love a buttery sugar cookie and have been looking for one that has that buttery flavor that you find in a real bakery cookie.  Not to mention I have always wanted to try to make “pretty” sugar cookies.  

Since I already had the new recipe to try the next step was to decide which cookie cutters to use.  I have many many cookie cutters but I always tend to pull out my favorites for the seasons. Since it is spring it was time to pull out the Easter/Spring cutters.  My oldest 12108857_951226721639591_3500465807299376736_ndaughter and I were going through the bags pulling out our favorites, trying to decide between the screaming bunny or the jumping bunny, flower, carrot, lamb, chick, duck and …fish??? Really, honey a fish?  Why yes mom, Jesus ate fish!  Hahaha fish it is!   Since the hard decision was made the next step was to mix up the sugar cookie batter.  I found the recipe right here. BEST COOKIE RECIPE.  Of course I was out of almond, but I did remember a new Vitality line of 5627Essential oils safer for use in foods…so Yep you guessed it.  Five drops in the batter did the trick, they had the best orangey flavor.  A couple drops in the icing as well. YUMMMMMMY.   The kids and I had fun decorating these.  It was different than we had done previously.    It was a thinner icing that pooled and we were able to do a “wet on wet” technique for a professional look.  They were the prettiest ones we have done yet!   Because we did a double batch we had lots to share and didn’t over eat! That is my trick …make enough to share and everyone to get one or two at home. Everyone (including my waistline) is happy.10154543_953146914780905_3202278963789670454_n

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12801235_10153311076845614_7533804702309596455_nHere in the South we get a spring teaser and then a little a small burst of chilly weather before we bounce fully into warm weather.  Of course when that happens something else tends to occur as well….Allergies, colds, flu, and a wayward virus or two.  I am super thankful that we have avoided many of this year’s nasties.   The kids make jokes because as soon as one of them makes a sneeze or cough I bellow ” get the (fill in the blank) oil”.  Essential oil + prayer = a healthy enhancement to the immune system.  Unfortunately one lil bugger made its way into our abode trying to take out the youngest of the pack (you know the one…they never sit still or stop moving if they can help it). At the first sniffle I was already running hands dripping with Lavender, rosemary, and Myrtle oil (I kid,  it only takes a drop to get the job done) HOLD STILL CHILD , Mom is trying to anoint you! I have no patience for something anything that tries to upset our family equilibrium.  Diffuser running, Teapot brewing, Child restrained to rest, Ningxia Red shots (think super antioxidant juice)… Thieves on the feet. Life is almost back to the smooth running machine …all without the need for prescriptions, antibiotics, or additional medical expenses.  Out OUT YOU GO pesky virus, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE! Does anyone else feel like sanitizing everything after something like this happens??? Thankfully I ordered the BIG bottle of Thieves Cleaner this month. 

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